Tyler Lawn Care: A Landscaping and Turf Company

"We make the design process fun for our clients; we value their input so we can create a landscape that is both beautiful and functional for year round enjoyment."
- Tyler McIver

Landscape Design Services

Tyler Lawn Care helps clients realize the full value of their outdoor living spaces. Whether creating a brand new space or renovating existing gardens and lawns, our staff provides our residential and commercial clients with a positive design experience. The key is involving the clients from initial concept and respecting their input throughout the design and installation process. Our clients receive consistent, timely, and budget friendly results.

Residential and Commercial

Landscape design is important to the overall building design. Tyler Lawn Care has developed longstanding relationships with many local builders to provide landscape services for both residential and commercial properties under construction. We can become involved in the early stages of the building process to help our clients achieve the most appealing and effective outdoor spaces within their budgets.

New Landscape Construction

With our extensive design experience, we help you create your dream concept for a beautiful outdoor space that improves the quality of your home or business property.

We work with our clients to understand how you will use the space, taking into account your specific needs and preferences to create unique, functional and inviting outdoor living spaces for entertaining, recreation and relaxation that require a minimum of care.

We work with clients throughout the process to stay on track from a design, functionality and budget standpoint.

Yard and Garden Makeovers

If your yard is overgrown, or canít support the types of plants you desire, donít despair. We know how to help. Our design expertise takes into account the type of plantings that already exist on your property and we work with you to envision the possibilities.

Our makeover services include demolition, tree removal and replanting. You can count on us to preserve what is worth preserving and to create a new vision for your outdoor spaces.

"A well planned and skillfully executed landscape design will add years of beauty and pleasure to your home while adding real value to your property."
- Tyler McIver

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